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Closed Cell Silicone Sponge: Medium Density

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Closed Cell Silicone Sponge is available in Soft, Medium and Firm densities. It is a high performance gasketing material designed for applications that require an excellent compression set resistance and a wide operating temperature range. The tight and uniform cell structure prevents water absorption per ASTM D1056 of less than 3%. The smooth surface finish improves the sealing capabilities by providing 100% surface to surface contact and promotes better PSA adhesion. Closed Cell Silicone Sponge is formulated per AMS3195, AMS3196, ASTM D1056, MIL-R-6130 Type II, ASTM D6576 Type II, MIL-R-46089, UL94 HB, UL94 V-0 and FDA.

  • Supplied in Sheets or Continuous Roll Lengths
  • .062″ – 1″ Thick  
  • Custom Widths
  • Color Match Capabilities
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Backing
Item Number:Density:Color:Thickness:Width:Request for Quote:
ARP-3195-062-36MediumRed.062”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-093-36MediumRed.093”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-125-36MediumRed.125”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-187-36MediumRed.187”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-250-36MediumRed.250”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-312-36MediumRed.312”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-375-36MediumRed.375”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-500-36MediumRed.500”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-625-36MediumRed.625"36"Contact Us
ARP-3195-750-36MediumRed.750"36"Contact Us
ARP-3195-1-36MediumRed1"36"Contact Us
ARP-3195-062-36-GMediumGrey.062”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-093-36-GMediumGrey.093”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-125-36-GMediumGrey.125”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-187-36-GMediumGrey.187”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-250-36-GMediumGrey.250”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-375-36-GMediumGrey.375”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-500-36-GMediumGrey.500”36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-062-36-BMediumBlack.062"36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-093-36-BMediumBlack.093"36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-125-36-BMediumBlack.125"36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-187-36-BMediumBlack.187"36”Contact Us
ARP-3195-250-36-BMediumBlack.250"36”Contact Us
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