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Commercial Grade Tan Natural Rubber: 40 Durometer

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Natural Rubber (Polyisoprene, NR) exhibits excellent abrasion resistance, tensile strength and resilience.   It provides exceptional adhesion to fabrics and metals and has good low temperature flexibility. Natural Rubber is generally resistant to moderate chemicals, alcohols, ketones and aldehydes.


Natural Rubber is not suitable for applications involving outdoor exposure (ozone, heat, and oxygen resistance). Natural Rubber offers poor resistance to corrosive chemicals, petroleum derivatives, fats and non-polar solvents.

Properties:Test Methods:Typical Properties:
TensileASTM D4122100 psi
ElongationASTM D412650%
Shore “A” DurometerASTM D224040 ± 5
Temperature RangeFahrenheit (ºF)-40 to +176
FinishVisualSmooth / Film Liner
Thickness:Width (± 1”):Approx. Weight / Lineal Foot (lbs.):Roll Length:Approx. Roll Weight (lbs.):Request for Quote:
1/16”36”1.0100 FT100Contact Us
3/32”36”1.475 FT105Contact Us
1/8”36”1.950 FT95Contact Us
3/16”36”2.935 FT105Contact Us
1/4”36”3.935 FT137Contact Us
3/8”36”5.825 FT148Contact Us
1/2"36”7.825 FT195Contact Us
3/4"36”11.725 FT293Contact Us
1”36”15.625 FT390Contact Us
1/16”48”1.3100 FT130Contact Us
3/32”48”1.975 FT142Contact Us
1/8”48”2.650 FT130Contact Us
3/16”48”3.935 FT136Contact Us
1/4”48”5.235 FT182Contact Us
3/8”48”7.825 FT195Contact Us
1/2”48”10.425 FT260Contact Us
3/4”48”15.625 FT390Contact Us
1”48”15.625 FT520Contact Us
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