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Commercial Grade Nylon-Inserted Sheet: SBR (CI)

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SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) is a synthetic general-purpose rubber with properties similar Natural Rubber. It is a low-cost polymer and can display excellent impact and tensile strength. It has good resilience, abrasion resistance, and low temperature flexibility.

The SBR-CI-70 is designed for applications that require dimensional stability and support provided by the Nylon-Insert. 


SBR’s limitations are similar to Natural Rubber. It is restricted by ozone, sunlight, oil, gasoline and hydrocarbon solvents.

Properties:Test Methods:Typical Properties:
TensileASTM D412500 psi
ElongationASTM D412150%
Shore “A” DurometerASTM D224070 ± 5
Temperature RangeFahrenheit (ºF)-40 to +176
FinishVisualSmooth / Film Liner
Thickness:Width (± 1”):Approx. Weight / Lineal Foot (lbs.):Roll Length:Approx. Roll Weight (lbs.):Request for Quote:
1/16” (1-Ply)48”1.9100 FT190Contact Us
3/32” (1-Ply)48”2.975 FT217Contact Us
1/8” (2-Ply)48”3.950 FT195Contact Us
3/16” (2-Ply)48”5.835 FT203Contact Us
1/4” (3-Ply)48”7.835 FT273Contact Us
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